Thursday, February 14, 2013

This is a great tip for making up toddler beds!

Hey Loves!
Rissa here with another great tip! Today's tip is all about making late night bedding changes much  easier!

With Jack's recent obsession of taking his diaper off at bed time (I have NO idea?!?!) we have had our fair share of wet beds in the middle of the night. Well to avoid the dreaded task of changing the sheets and possible waking him I thought to myself, well what if I make the babies beds in a way that would just allow me to only have to remove the wet sheet and keep it moving. After several ideas and trials here is what I came up with:

Step 1. Start with your crib mattress
Step 2. Put your 1st fitted sheet on as usual
Step 3. Turn the mattress over to the back
Step 4. Add the 2nd fitted sheet to the back of the mattress
Step 5. Now put on a mattress pad to protect the sheet from leaks
Step 6. Add the 3rd and final fitted sheet

Now the point of this is to avoid having to dig through and get a clean sheet for the bed when your child has an accident in the middle of the night. If there is an accident just remove the sheet and mattress pad and there is a clean, dry sheet already in place! Now if there happens to be ANOTHER accident in the middle of the night then you can flip the mattress over for a clean, dry sheet! Great right?!?! This is especially good if your child is sick with a stomach bug or something and there may be multiple accidents in a day. I hope this is useful and if you have a tip for making a toddler bed please comment below!

My silly bug! She loves her bed. Isn't that the cutest bedding?

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