Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How I organize my Cleaning and Beauty Products.

Hey Loves!
Rissa here with another great tip!
With all of the recent post on homemade cleaning and beauty products, I couldn't help but notice how unorganized my recipes are! As well as how tattered and torn they had become from using them over and over again.
This is what happened to the recipes I use often...not a good look.

I did a recent post on a recipe binder that I use to organize my food recipes. Well originally I was going to include cleaning and beauty recipes in that binder but I felt that they needed their own space.

After contemplating several options I finally decided to try a tool that we used in Cosmetology school. This tool is what we at Regency Beauty Institute  called "Procedure Cards" which is basically using a photo album (with divided pages) along with index cards to write down cosmetology procedures. So I pretty much did the same thing and replaced the "procedures" with my recipes!

Here's what you need:
  • Index cards (I used 4x6)
  • Photo album with divided pages
  • Your favorite pen / computer & printer 
  • Your cleaning and beauty recipes

My 4x6 index cards

My little photo album. Got this from Tarjay (Target) for about 4 bucks!

What to do:
Just jot down your recipes on separate index cards and slide them into the photo album.
You can type and print them if you prefer but I like to hand write mine just to get it all done in one step.

*Tip: organize them by recipe type i.e. hair, skin, face, cleaners, etc. to locate them better.

My finished binder I organized recipes!

How do you organize your homemade cleaning and beauty recipes? Share in the comment section!
Happy organizing

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