Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Planning is key!

Soooo...I had every intention on going to the gym yesterday but naptime struck with a mean vengeance before I could get us all dressed, fed and ready to go #stayathomemomproblems
Anywho, that didn't change the fact that I still needed to workout. What I decided to do was a circuit of exercise routines right here in my own living room and I have to say by the time I got to the second set I was really feeling it! Here's what I did:
Now that being said, although my babies slept until after 10:00am today I still failed to make it to the gym before the kids room closed and went shopping for the Jackster instead!!! He really needed some things. So the moral of this story, "Planning Is Key"!!! If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. :-((
I guess a blog post about time management should be happening soon! LOL
Tell me what you think about this routine in the comment section below.
Happy working out and I'll catch you guys later!
Next post: Carter's Haul....then Time Management LOL

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