Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Absolute Fuel High Energy Fat Burner!

As many of you know I have been using this awesome new product Absolute Fuel. I recently entered the Absolute Fuel Fitness Modeling contest on Facebook and won a trip to Miami for a photo shoot with a world renowned photographer, a 1 year supply of the product, proceeds from calendar sales and a chance to win $4,000 sponsorship in fitness contest! Needless to say, I am SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!
Now you guys are probably wondering what is this stuff??? Well, Absolute Fuel is a High Energy Fat Burner. I personally don't want to lose weight but I enjoy the energy that the product gives me and so far I have to say that this stuff is awesome!!! My workouts our AMAZING it gives me that extra boost to keep going and to do a little more when I would normally be ready to throw in the towel. I don't feel jittery or over energetic, it's more like the natural energy you need to get through the day. Sometimes I have to remind myself to eat because it does indeed curb your appetite which is good for those who are trying to shed some pounds. The price point is fair also, you get 120 capsules for $59.99 so if you take the recommended dosage that should last you at least 30 days!
Buuut now that I am officially an Absolute Fuel Girl I can offer you guys a great deal!!! That's right ya'll, if you are curious about this all natural high energy fat burner then wait no more. Go to www.absfuel.com and enter the code mc499 at check out and you can save $10 on your order!!!! The product ships same day or next day at the latest so that you can get started with better workouts and/or shedding the unwanted pounds!
Now whatta ya waiting for?!?!?!? Go to the website to get more info and details on this great product and even order a free sample!

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